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Admissions / 大学学分加





  • Students must notify their high school that they wish to participate in 大学学分加 no later than April 1. 有关学生注册和其他问题的更多信息, 请访问俄亥俄州高等教育部网站 http://www.ohiohighered.org/ccp.
  • 申请截止日期为4月15日
  • Private school and homeschool students must submit the CCP Funding Application no later than April 1. 资助申请可在 俄亥俄州高等教育部网站.




  • 最低,累计平均绩点2.0 for all high school 完成的学术课程
  • 如果学生根据3333-1-65规则(a)(1)(c)段寻求参加.俄亥俄州修订法典第14条, they must have received an ‘A’ or ‘B’ in one of the following high school level courses: English 11, Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus.


  • 安排入读ENG141, students must receive either an 18 or better on the English section of the ACT test or a 5 on the ACCUPLACER Writeplacer exam.
  • 数学分班, students must score a 16 or above on the math section of the ACT test or a 259 on the Accuplacer Quatitative Reasoning, Algebra, & 统计(QAS)部分.
  • Submit a completed 午餐大学 大学学分加 Student Application at (click link below)
  • A 大学学分加 (CCP) student is a student currently enrolled in high-school that is non-degree seeking at 午餐大学. 中国共产党学生没有资格通过博彩平台推荐获得经济援助
  • 要求当前的高中成绩单通过电子邮件发送到ccp@tiffin.Edu或邮寄至:


  • Transcripts are available through the student’s high school guidance counselor and must be sent to 午餐大学. 如果学生已经参加过标准化考试, 学生的成绩将被印在成绩单上. 你的成绩单可以通过电子邮件发送到 ccp@ylfll.com.
  • A “Mature Content Form” must be completed and signed by both the CCP student and their parent/guardian and emailed to the CCP Program Manager at ccp@ylfll.com
  • 在我们收到学生的在线申请后, 官方成绩单, 成熟内容许可单, 还有可选的分班考试成绩, 如果满足所有入学要求,他或她将被CCP项目录取.
  • 进入TU的CCP项目, students will receive a digital acceptance letter that can be viewed via their student portal. A 选课表 will be emailed to the students so they can indicate which courses they wish to take during the semester and return the selection sheet by email to ccp@ylfll.com.
  • 新入职的TU共产党学生将被要求参加一个强制性的咨询预约. 学生将收到一封电子邮件,其中包含安排预约的链接.
  • Students will not be registered for courses each semester until a signed course selection sheet has been submitted.
  • 在选择理工大学课程时,学生应考虑以下因素:
    • 大学学分加学员每学期最多可修15个学分. In addition, 午餐大学 allows a maximum of two online courses per term (there are two terms per semester: Term I and Term II) for any student, 每学期总共12个学分.

Students participating in both seated and online courses in one semester cannot exceed these guidelines, 包括学生在高中获得的TU学分.


“First 15” Rule: Students must complete 15 credit hours in Level I before progressing to Level II

Level I Courses:

  • 可转移课程-私立学院/大学CTAG, OTM或TAG的一部分或同等学历
  • 计算机科学、信息技术、解剖学或生理学课程
  • 技术证书课程
  • 由校长每年批准的另一门课程


  • 任何其他不是一级课程的大学课程

Students can use AP courses from their high school and CCP courses from other colleges in order to fulfill their 15 credit hour requirement. 成绩单必须发送给大学学分加顾问. For a full list of Level I courses offered at 午餐大学, please click on the PDF found above.


  • 一种应用课程,包括一对一的私人指导, including, 但不局限于器乐教学, voice, or art;
  • 出国留学课程或类似的课程;
  • 体育课程;
  • A course that is graded on a pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis rather than using letter grades, 实习课程除外;
  • A remedial or non-college level course; and
  • 宗派路线.


DragonACCESS is a program that ensures that all students have access to their textbooks before the first day of class. 对于学生,DragonACCESS是:

  • 方便——课程材料在开课前就可以拿到. 只要注册课程,你的材料就会在Moodle上等着你. 
  • 授权-自动访问你的教科书, 你可以专注于学习,对自己的学业成功充满信心. 

For CCP students, 午餐大学 will cover the expense of the books and supplemental fees. 

在某些情况下,可能需要硬拷贝文本. These physical textbooks are included in the program and will be available for pick-up from the bookstore, 从上课前一周开始.

如果在线课程需要实体文本,你必须完成 Shipping Form 在每个学期之前尽快免费送货. 免费送货只对远程学生有效. If you live in Seneca County, please make arrangements to pick up your books at the bookstore.

Students who need a physical book because of a special accommodation should submit an accommodation request as quickly as possible, 最好在开学第一周的周五之前交给残疾服务协调员. 一旦住宿被批准, the Office of 残疾人服务 will contact the DragonACCESS Coordinator to order a physical textbook. 

如果你需要在残疾服务办公室注册, 更多信息可以在他们的网站上找到.


如果学生的大学账户上有余额,学区必须通知学生, 该学生将无法申请正式成绩单.

如果学生报名参加私人音乐指导课程, it is the student’s responsibility to cover the fee for private music instruction associated with the course. 私人音乐课的音乐费用将直接记入学生的账户.

The subject matter of a course enrolled in under the 大学学分加 program may include mature subject matter or materials, 包括那些图形, explicit, violent, 或者性的本质, that will not be modified based upon 大学学分加 enrollee participation regardless of where course instruction occurs.

The deadline to drop a course without penalty is the 14th day after the beginning of the semester (for land-based courses) and term (for online courses). 包括周末. 请求必须通过您的TU电子邮件帐户发送到 ccp@ylfll.com. 更多信息请联系CCP项目经理.

For information regarding course materials and content, please contact your CCP Program Manager.

All students have the right to meet with the CCP Program Manager regarding questions and concerns about the CCP program.


学生们在我们美丽的校园里上课,融入我们多元化的校园大家庭. 秋季和春季学期的校内课程为1小时. 每次15分钟,每周两次,持续15周.

学生实际上参与了TU的课程, asynchronously, 与其他博彩平台推荐的学生在线交流, 包括传统, 上大学的学生, adult students, 和其他中共学生. 所有TU在线课程每学期分为两个7周的学期(第一学期) & Term II). 学生每学期在线课程不得超过2门.

Students remain in their high school and one of 午餐大学’s faculty or adjunct professors go to the high school to teach the TU course. 学生们不用离开高中就上大学! 高中的CCP只在选定的高中提供,并且只能通过预先安排. Students should ask their high school counselor or contact TU’s CCP Program Manager if they are unsure if CCP at the high school is an option for them.

If a student no longer wants to participate in the CCP Program before the TU course has ended or must withdraw from a TU course for other reasons, 他或她必须发邮件给CCP顾问{ccp@ylfll.com请求退出这门课程. 这必须在学期或学期开始的两周内完成.

Students’ failure to request withdrawal from a TU course before the set deadline may be charged by their school district to repay any fees incurred by the district for the withdrawn course.

If the student withdraws from a TU course that was intended to fulfill a high school graduation requirement, it is the student’s responsibility to meet with his or her high school guidance counselor to develop a new course schedule. 同时总是愿意帮助学生, 午餐大学 is not responsible for meeting students’ high school graduation requirements.